Monday, June 29, 2009

Jai Ho!

At the India-Pakistan border, I couldn't help feeling as if the true, patriotic and historical background of the ceremony had been lost amongst the overpriced fans sold by 9 year old boys, or the warm cans of Coca Cola sold only in the "Westerners Only" section of the grandstand. Amongst the thousands of people there that night, I'm pretty certain that a large majority, like myself, were only there as it was something to do on a Thursday night, or to tick it off their "India - Must Sees!" mental list. The age old Indo-Pak rivalry however was there in full force, with each side deliberately and somewhat childishly shouting over one anothers patriotic cheers and songs, and even the flags of the 2 nations - however, coincidentally - not once flew fully at the same time, one always outdoing the other. I wanted to go there, proud of being 'Indian,' having lived there full time for 2 years, but I don't know if it was the unbearable heat or the pushy older women, but I left feeling disappointed, once again, of how India conducts itself domestically, and towards other nations.

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  1. It symbolises so much potent history...but in actuality is just a show for the crowds. The younger generation are either too young to remember or don't care for the rivalry, or they have simply inherited their parents' bias. I happen to have family on both sides of the border, so I never know which stance to take!